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Belysa (EC)

Project: Belysa Executive Condominium with 5 rooms, Singapore

Area: Approximately 880 square feet

Occupants: Family of 4 (Husband, Wife, Daughter, Son)

Design Style: Scandinavian

Materials used:

  • Laminate finish for Carpentry work
  • Timber look-alike Vinyl Flooring
  • Quartz Kitchen top and dining table
  • Brick veneers for feature walls
  • Plaster board false ceiling and curtain pelmets
  • Emulsion paint for the entire house

Scope of Work: Living Room, Open Concept Kitchen adjoining Dining room, Original Study room combined with Master bedroom to create larger Master Bedroom with Walk-in wardrobe, Son’s Room, Daughter’s Room.


This cheerful young couple with 2 beautiful primary school kids approached us for their new Executive HDB interior design and renovation project. The lovely couple had spent a couple of months contemplating about the design style for their home renovation project in Singapore. When they first met us at our interior design Office at Changi Road, they had narrowed down their preferred design to be of the Scandinavian style. We gleaned from our design discussions with the couple that they are a family who loves gathering around the kitchen and dining area and spend quality time together having meals or playing board games. And upon our site visit, it had dawned on us that something (positively) drastic had to be done to the kitchen to open up this enclosed space and also to create an adjoining dining space. This in our interior design mind was the heart of the home. We even took the liberty to liken it to Frank Lloyd Wright’s central hearth. What ensued was our proposal to the couple to demolish the kitchen walls and create a central dining space which adjoins to the kitchen work counter top. When we meant central we really meant right smack in the middle of the apartment’s living room. We were so pleased to see that the lovely couple received our proposal gladly and is happy with the newly created kitchen and dining (heart) space.

The colour palette for the entire 880 sq ft apartment was carefully controlled to ensure that colours of large surfaces, for example walls and floor, did not over power the delicate design style. Carefully selected laminates for the carpentry work also ensured the apartment stayed true to the selected design style. Light touches of pine wood look alike laminates lined son’s room and painted wood panelling in the daughter’s room created an almost authentic Scandinavian cabin feel. At least it is as close as it could get in a HDB interior design and renovation project in sunny Singapore.

The wall between the original study room and the master room was removed to create a larger master bedroom with an adjoining walk-in wardrobe. In place of the removed wall, is a full height wardrobe and running in parallel to this is another full height wardrobe with mirror doors, to create an illusion of a bigger and brighter walk-in wardrobe. A 2 step platform nests the couple’s king size bed mattress.

In the living room tactfully simple TV consoles and cabinets flanks the suspended TV. And a large full height shoe cabinet which doubles up as a feature wall with open shelves lined the entrance foyer corridor. As with all quality Morningside home interior design and renovation projects, plaster board pelmets and false ceiling conceal unsightly curtain tracks and overhead lighting wires.  The final design of the apartment  is a clean, heart-warming and calming Scandinavian apartment in our sunny island.

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