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Starville Condo


Project: Starville Condo – High floor Unit

Area: Approximately 1200 square feet

Occupants: Family of four

Design Style: Modern contemporary

Scope of Work: Entire Apartment  

Materials used / Work done:

  • Major demolition work
  • Laminate for Carpentry work
  • iQuartz for custom made built-in dining kitchen
  • Plaster board false ceiling
  • Emulsion paint for the entire house
  • Concealed electrical lighting and wiring
  • Timber floor polishing
  • Kitchen Door way and circulation remodelling
  • Bathroom demolition and tiling
  • Bathroom fixtures and wares installation

Description: The apartment was renovated to create a vision of light and space. White colour is the central theme and clean lines were selected to enlarge the small apartment.

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