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Hijauan on 63 Cavenagh Road

Project: Hijauan on 63 Cavenagh Road

Area: Approximately 1000 square feet

Occupants: A well-travelled hotelier

Design Style: Neo-Chinese Style Interior

Materials used:

  • Veneer finish for Carpentry work
  • Travertine stones for feature walls in Living room and Master Bedroom
  • Volakas for custom made built-in dining table
  • Fabric Cushion Bedheads
  • Plaster board false ceiling and curtain pelmets
  • Emulsion paint for the entire house

Scope of Work: Entire Apartment

Description: When the owner, a very well-travelled hotelier, of this prime district condominium, met our Interior Design and Renovation Director, at the newly T.O.P apartment, he gave two clear instructions. They are as follows:

1. “Present to me a design that would get me excited’.”

2. “I have collected a well curated collection of art pieces and ornaments that needs to be displayed in the apartment.”

Our team study the style of art that the owner had collected over the past 20 years and formulated a design style that would create an interior that would be fitting for the style of the art collection and the refined taste of the owner. Our team went through about 50 boxes of the owner’s ornaments and art pieces to get a good feel of the style of the art.

The apartment had been originally finished with a modern style by the developer that was not the owner’s cup of tea. Morningside Interior gave the entire apartment a new refined look for the well-travelled owner. The work done are as follows:

  • The kitchen which was fitted by the developers were ripped out and cladded with new dark wood veneers and stark white Volakas work top. A black painted tempered glass pane is fitted as the backsplash. Warm coloured light LED strips was installed over the kitchen work top to create mood and task lighting.
  • The entire wall in the kitchen and living room is cladded with travertine marble. Niche were created to hang a large art piece. A light cove was constructed to run parallel to the Travertine wall
  • The entire apartment ceiling light was carefully selected and the layout designed to create luxurious mood lighting.
  • The custom built carpentry in the living room, study and bedroom was specially designed and constructed to display art
  • Built-in lighting in the carpentry work.
  • Niches were created in the walls and carpentry work to display art pieces
  • The timber floor was grinded down and treated with a darker wood colour

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