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Landed House Design and Build Solutions

We are expert in additions and alteration works to landed houses. We are expert in URA setbacks requirements, plot ratios, buildable floor area and other local agency building rules. Hence, we are able to help our clients add value and design to maximise their existing built (house) without tearing down the entire landed house and building from scratch. With our clever design solutions, we have help many landed house owners achieve a new house without a full new construction. This in turn saves time and money while at the same time achieving unique architectural design for our client.

Professional and Personal Additions and Alterations Service for a New House

We work closely with our clients to design and construct alterations and additions to their houses which are tailored to their lifestyle and design preferences. Our team approaches each new project in a unique way; we take the time to get to know your design preferences and your lifestyle needs and then use this information to develop the design. We have a diverse range of capabilities and over the years we have cultivated an industry reputation for developing innovative design solutions. Our professional team has many years of experience working on a broad range of landed house project from simple internal alterations to complex constructions where a whole new storey is added to the existing house.

Unsurpassed Quality Builds and Alterations

We offer additions and alterations design and build service with fast turnaround times. We guarantee a high standard of construction and design that will ensure your home remains both stunning and functional for many years to come. Morningside has the expertise and experience to manage your addition and alteration work building project. We have carried out new attic floor constructions, addition of swimming pools, front and rear elevation extensions, staircase relocations, full internal layout remodeling and more.

If you have been thinking of carrying out additions and alterations work to your home, Morningside are the industry leaders to turn to for bespoke solutions which suit your lifestyle and design preferences. For more information on our extensive portfolio of landed house additions and alterations, please contact us at (+65) 9026 7135 or fill out an online enquiry form.

Welcome to Morningside

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution for all our clients’ interior renovation and construction projects. We provide dedicated and dependable services from design conception to building completion & handover. We have a strong eye for detail and always deliver high quality workmanship.